"MOTOAPLIS cup" race for beginners.

Road racing for street riders – "MOTOAPLIS CUP".

Street riders and road race riders have a great opportunity to show gained driving skills in road race "MOTOAPLIS CUP" or LaMSF class C.

"Motoaplis Cup".

"MOTOAPLIS CUP" is specially organized for street riders who attend the club road race trainings. Competition takes place on big track , one circuit length is 3.5 km. "MOTOAPLIS CUP" race is organized separately, exceptionally, is combined with LaMSF class C race. Winners are awarded at the end of the season along with LaMSF award ceremony.

Participation in the race is allowed only to street riders with "MOTOAPLIS" race license. The license is issued on annually, license fee 15.00 €/h. Participation fee for the race is not included in the license fee. Application form must be filled to obtain race license. Valid insurance for road racing also must be given to organizer. Participation fee approx. 50 €/h.

Equipment - Leather suit, back protector, motorcycle gloves, closed helmet with a visor and chin part.On the race day there will be a motorcycle technical control, warm-up ride and qualification ride. Race length is as from 6 to 10 laps (21-35 km). Motorcycle technical condition is checked before warm-up ride.

   » "Motoaplis Cup" license application form.

   » "MOTOAPLIS cup" racers.

   » Racing flags.

"Motoaplis Cup" technical regulations:

   » Motorcycle technical condition should comply with CSDD safety rules.

   » It is permitted to remove unnecessary equipment (lamps, mirrors, side support, number sign).

   » If side support is not removed it should be further strengthened. Lamps and mirrors should be sealed.

   » Oil and oil filters must be further strengthened against loosing.

   » Water or organic cooling system should be used (for example Motul Factory Line).

   » All motorcycle cubage is allowed.

   » There is no restriction in choice of tires.

   » Starting number should be placed in front and back of the motorcycle (the minimum size 120mm (height) x 80mm (width) on front and 120mm x 60mm on back.

"MOTOAPLIS cup" race for beginners "MOTOAPLIS cup" race for beginners